SPIRE INNOVATIONS is a technical services firm specializing in applied mathematics solutions that transcend typical boundaries of engineering disciplines and the physical sciences. We design, develop, and test advanced but practical solutions to our customers' engineering problems in fields as varied as aerospace systems and subsystems to medical devices for emergent research and clinical applications.
Browse our site to become acquainted with our services and core competencies. The best solutions invariably are application driven rather than pre-specified. With that in mind, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how SPIRE INNOVATIONS can provide custom solutions to support your unique product development efforts. Complete contact information follows on the About Us, The Team page, or you can submit an inquiry via the Contact page of the website.
SPIRE INNOVATIONS provides full-spectrum support that bridges exploratory research to product deployment. Our team is adept at seamlessly integrating into multidisciplinary teams at various stages of product development cycles from the initial "what if" formulation of a concept to the implementation against established requirements and specifications and data analysis and technical support of in-service systems.
"Ideas, Research, Design, and Analysis..." are terms that best elicit the breadth and depth of a professional pedigree and the services that we offer clients. Algorithms, software, firmware, hardware interfaces, and hybrid systems are practical solutions across varied disciplines and applications to make your product technically superior and/or cost competitive!